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arts-logo.pngSEMESTER 1, 2018
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Changzoo Song -

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Changzoo Song - 

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Sarah Domingo Lipura -

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2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of tutorial

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Summary of Course Description              

ASIAN 204/302
15 Points

Asian Diasporas

Focuses on three major diasporic groups in Asia: Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Comparisons will be made among the three diasporic groups of overseas Koreans, Japanese and Chinese in their migration patterns, modes of adaptation, and transnational lifestyles.

Course outcomes

By the end of the semester, we expect that students would understand the following well: theoretical understandings of international migrations and diasporas; history, sociology, economy, politics and culture of major Asian diasporic groups today; the cultural, social, and economic life of diasporas in given host societies; global diasporic networks and their connections with ethnic homelands; recent trends in international migrations; and the sending societies’ perceptions and policies toward their co-ethnics overseas.   

Since this course is offered as a ‘concurrent’ course for both Stage 2 (Asian 204) and Stage 3 (Asian 302), there are different levels of expectation for respective cohorts of students. While the content of course work will be the same between the two groups, there will be some differences in the amount of readings, coursework and assessments.   

Weekly Topics

Week 1

Overview of the Course Schedule and Syllabus

Week 2

Asian diasporas: an overview

Week 3

International Migration Trends, International migrations in Asia-Pacific

Week 4

Theoretical Understanding of international migration & why migrate?

Week 5

Overseas Chinese (Part 1): Southeast Asia

Week 6 Overseas Chinese (Part 2): Chinese Americans, Racism, Imperialism, Identity and Ethnic Homeland
Week 7

Korean Diasporas (Part 1): History, Push and Pull Factors

Week 8

Korean Diasporas (Part 2): Identity Questions, Diasporic Engagement Policy

Week 9 Japanese Diaspora (1): History & Diasporas and the Nation-States
Week 10 Japan (2): The Returning of Nikkeijin & immigration in Japan
Week 11

International Student Migrations

Week 12 REthinking Asian Diasporas

Prescribed Texts:


Recommended Texts:



The University of Auckland's expectation on 15-point courses, is that students spend 10 hours per week on the course. Students manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Students attend two hours of lectures each week and participate in a one-hour tutorial from week 2 of semester. This leaves seven hours per week outside the classroom to prepare for tutorials, assignments and the exam.

Deadlines and submission of coursework:

Deadlines for coursework are non-negotiable. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you will be required to provide a doctor's certificate before the assignment is due. All late assignments without a pre-approved extension will be penalised one mark per day late.


Coursework Composition for Asian 204 & 302:  

Stage II (5,000 words)


Stage III (6,000 words)


Review Essay (1,500 words excluding footnotes and references)

Review Essay (1,500 words

excluding footnotes and references)


Presentation (PowerPoint document minimum 7, maximum 13 slides)                           

Presentation (PowerPoint document minimum 7, maximum 13 slides)                                                                      



Final Exam (2 hours = 2,000 words)

Research Essay  (3,000 words excluding footnotes and references)


Attendance, participation in Lectures, discussions during Tutorials, consultation sessions during Office Hours

Attendance, participation in Lectures, discussions during Tutorials, consultation sessions during Office Hours


Course summary:

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