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FRENCH 203: Intermediate French Language 1

SEMESTER 1, 2018

15 points

Course Convenor: 

Simon Kitson -     


Simon Kitson - 

Course delivery format:

E.g. - 4 hours of language classes

(Timetable and room details can be viewed on Student Services Online)

 Summary of Course Description:              

This is a four-skill language course, using the same methodology and text as FRENCH 101 and 102. It is designed for students with 12-16 credits in Level 3 NCEA French, or who have passed FRENCH 102, 152 or 162. It is not available to students who qualify for entry into FRENCH 204 or above.

May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed.

Course outcomes

  • By the end of the course, students obtaining a pass grade will demonstrate a competent working knowledge of language topics up to and including chapter 14 in Deux Mondes.
  • Students will be confident in applying this knowledge to the four skills areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Provisional class limits information for 2018: Enrolment in Semester One is limited to 70 students with selection based on: 1) pass in FRENCH 102 or Language Ability Declaration and concession; 2) first in, first enrolled.


Weekly Topics:


Weekly Topics

Week 1, February 26-March 2.

Revision of chapters 5-10.

Material covered:

Film: Episode 1, scènes 1à 3



Week 2, March 5-9.

Begin chapter 11.

Material covered:

11.1 Saying what you would do: The conditional.

11.2 The relative pronoun dont.

11.3 More on relative pronouns: Ce qui, ce que, ce dont.

Film: Episode 2, scènes 4 à 10 et 11 à 13.



Week 3, March 12-16.

Continue chapter 11.

Material covered:

11.4 Giving orders: Commands with pronouns.
11.5 Talking about hypothetical situations: More on the imparfait.

Review: 11.1-11.5

Film: Episode 2, scènes 14 à 18.



Week 4, March 19-23.

Begin chapter 12.

Material covered:

12.1 Saying what you want others to do: More on the subjunctive.

12.2 Changes of state: Passé composé vs. imperfect.

Film: Episode 3, scènes 19 à 24.


 FRI, March 23, Connect 1 due (chap 11).


Week 5, March 26-30.

Continue chapter 12.

Material covered:

12.3 The present participle. 
12.4 Expressing events in the recent past: Venir de + infinitive.

12.5 Narrating in the past tense: Passé composé vs. imperfect.

Film: Episode 3, scènes 25 à 31.


MID-SEMESTER BREAK March 30-April 14




Week 6, April 16-20.

Continue chapter 12.

Material covered:

Review: 12.1-12.5

Film: Episode 3, 32 à 36.


FRI, April 20: Connect 2 due (chap 12).



Week 7, April 23-27.

Begin chapter 13.

Material covered:

13.1 Reciprocal actions: More on reflexive pronouns.
13.2 Describing actions: Adverbs.

Film: Episode 4, scènes 37 à 38 et 39 à 48.


MON, April 23: Quiz 1 and Essay Assignment 1 due.



Week 8, April 30- May 4.

Continue chapter 13.

Material covered:

13.3 Expressing feelings: More on the subjunctive.

13.4 A past on the past: The plus-que-parfait.

Film: Episode 5, scènes 49 à 56.


Week 9, May 7-11.

Continue chapter 13.

Material covered:

13.5 More on expressing possession: Possessive pronouns.

Review: Narrating in the past.

Film: Episode 5, scènes 57 à 65.


FRI, May 11: Connect 3 due (chap 13). 



Week 10, May 14-18.

Begin chapter 14.

Material covered:

14.1 Should have: The past conditional of devoir.
14.2 Saying what you would have done: The past conditional

Film: Episode 6, scènes 66-69.


MON, May 14: Quiz 2 (chap 13).



Week 11, May 21-25.

Continue chapter 14.

Material covered:

14.3 Conjunctions: More on the subjunctive.

14.4 Expressing doubt and uncertainty: subjunctive.

Film: Episode 6, scènes 70 à 77; 78 à 89.



Week 12, May 28- June 1.

Material covered:

Film: Episode 7, scènes 90-97.

MON, May 28: Quiz 3 (chap 14).

FRI, June 1: Connect 4 due (chap 14) and Essay Assignment 2


Prescribed Texts:

To learn effectively this semester you will need some form of the Deux Mondes textbook, preferably seventh edition, either hardcopy or e-book AND access to Connect+, the on-line exercises.


You can purchase the hardcopy textbook and access to Connect+ at the university bookstore.


Alternatively, you can purchase an e-book and Connect+, but you will need to do this on-line.  See the URL below, under Connect + instructions. Put in your email at registration; this will take you to a page where you will be able to purchase the e-book and Connect+ access.


To complete and obtain credit for the assignment part of the course, you need to register individually on Connect+ for e-book and activities. (Once again, see the URL below.) You cannot share a registration and must use the name used on Cecil. We strongly urge you to do so as it is an integral part of your learning.



Connect +

The Connect + assignments are designed to help reinforce what you learn in class: they are formative and an essential part of the learning process. You should do them regularly as you learn the corresponding vocabulary and structures in class. The “due by” dates are the final times when you must have completed the assigned activities. Normally, you should do most of the work before the due date.


Instructions for getting started on Connect will be given on the first day of class. 


To get started you will need to go to the following page:




The University of Auckland's expectation on 15-point courses, is that students spend 10 hours per week on the course. Students manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Students attend two hours of lectures each week and participate in a one-hour tutorial from week 2 of semester. This leaves seven hours per week outside the classroom to prepare for tutorials, assignments and the exam.


Deadlines and submission of coursework:

Deadlines for coursework are non-negotiable. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you will be required to provide a doctor's certificate before the assignment is due. All late assignments without a pre-approved extension will be penalised one mark per day late.


You will submit two essay assignments during the semester.  



Connect+ assignments - (4x) 10%

Essay assignments - (2x) 30%

Quizzes - (2x) 30%

Oral Performance - 30%





Class Film- Les Chemins du Retour

If you want to watch the class film Les Chemins du Retour these are the links


Episode 1, Sc 1-3


Episode 2, Sc 4-10


Episode 2, Sc 11-13


Episode 2, Sc 14-18


Episode 3, Sc 19-24


Epispde 3, Sc 25-31


Episode 3, Sc 32-36


Episode 4, 37-38


























Course summary:

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