Course syllabus




  • Course name: Language Acquisition II.
  • Course code: FRENCH 703.

  • Points Value: 15 points.
  • Pre-requisites: FRENCH 702 or placement test and approval of Academic Head or nominee.

  • Convenor's name: Dr Kevin Mendousse.

  • Course aims & objectives: Features of the French language will be presented, in French, and practised in the four skills areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing; by the end of the course, in order to obtain a pass grade, students will be able, in French, to: (i) demonstrate a competent working knowledge of vocabulary, language structures, and cultural content covered both in Alter Ego 5 and in online multimedia work; (ii) present a sustained oral and written argument, write both a thematic press review and show review, and produce an editorial piece of writing; (iii) demonstrate overall language proficiency equivalent to DELF C1+.

  • Weekly topics: Units 9, 10, and 11 of Alter Ego 5 (textbook details below).

  • Teaching format: One weekly class (2 hours), supplemented by online multimedia work. 

  • Workload: Students are expected to spend around 10 hours a week on the course over the 12 weeks of teachingan average student would typically spend 24 hours on taught classes and tests, 20 hours on online multimedia assignments, 35-40 hours on class preparation, 15-18 hours on written assignments, and 20-25 hours on test preparation. 

  • Learning resourcesAlter Ego 5 Méthode de français C1>C2 (prescribed textbook), Hachette Français Langue Etrangère, 2010.

  • Assessment weightings: 100% coursework.

  • Assessment breakdown: Coursework includes both written and online multimedia assignments (30% weightage), oral classwork (30% weightage), as well as a final oral and written test (40% weightage).


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