Course syllabus



GREEK 707A: Selected Greek Texts 1

SEMESTER 1, 2018

15 points

Course Convenor and Teacher: 

Professor Matthew Trundle

Office Location: Room 812 in ARTS 1 (Humanities)

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday (or by appointment)


Telephone: (09) 9237427

Course delivery format:

Three hours each Week for nine weeks in the first semester. Meeting timetable will be by agreement and subject to the students' needs.

Summary of Course Description:              

Selected texts will be set for translation and explanation. We will read a set text suitable to the background and needs of the particular student cohort. 

To complete this course students must enrol in GREEK 707 A and B, or GREEK 707.

Course outcomes:

A student who successfully completes this course will have the opportunity to:

Acquire knowledge of translating and analysing Greek texts in-detail. Further develop abilities to understand the Greek language in context, both contemporary and academic. Acquire skills in essay writing, critical thinking, academic literacy presentation.

Assessment Summary:

(i) A seminar led presentation and a 3000 word essay due at the end of the semester (50%)

(ii) A one-and-a-half hour test, including translation and commentary, to be sat in week twelve of the teaching semester (50%)

Weekly Topics:

 To be decided by negotiation with the student.

Prescribed Texts:

Reading a set text suitable to the background and needs of the particular student cohort and by agreement.

Recommended Texts:

Liddell and Scott, Greek-English Lexicon (available on-line and in the library).

Workload and deadlines for submission of coursework:           

The University of Auckland's expectation is that students spend 10 hours per week on a 15-point course, including time in class and personal study. Students should manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Deadlines for coursework are set by course convenors and will be advertised in course material. You should submit your work on time. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you may be required to provide supporting information before the assignment is due. Late assignments without a pre-approved extension may be penalised by loss of marks – check course information for details.

Course summary:

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