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Tānenuiarangi the Wharenui at Waipapa Marae

Course Co-ordinator:

Dr. Arapera Ngaha

Department of Māori Studies,  Room 211 

Ph: extn. 88598


Te Whainoa Te Wiata


MĀORI 201:                                                       SEMESTER 1, 2018                             15 POINTS

Course delivery format:

Lecture Times:                             Monday                    1 – 2pm        Rehutai 101

                                                      Wednesday              3 – 4pm        421W-301 - Architecture West

 Tutorial Times:                            Monday                    2 - 3pm         Rehutai 101

                                                      Wednesday              3 –5pm          421W-301 - Architecture West


 Summary of Course Description:              

 This course will continue from the Māori 101 course and elaborates on the simple sentence – one verb sentence – in Māori to the construction of complex sentences.

Techniques in listening, reading, writing and translations are further developed.

 Course outcomes:

  • Students will extend their knowledge of sentence structure in Māori from constructing the simple sentence to complex sentences.
  • Students will continue to expand their knowledge and ability to hear and understand te reo Māori through dictation exercises.
  • Students will utilise their understandings of sentence structure and grammar in the exercise of translating Māori narratives into English.

 Assessment Summary:

Tests:  There are two in-class Tests and one Translation Test exercise that comprise the total Coursework with a value of 50% as the Total Coursework Mark.

The tests are of 1.5 hour duration, and will be held in the usual lecture time and place on Wednesday March 28th and Wednesday May 23rd  

 The ‘take home’ translation will also be given out during class, Week 6 – Monday April 16th and will be due in on Tuesday April 17th.

Recommended Texts:

One Student Workbook specifically compiled for this Course

 Workload and deadlines for submission of coursework:           

The University of Auckland's expectation is that students spend 10 hours per week on a 15-point course, including time in class and personal study. Students should manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Deadlines for coursework are set by course convenors and will be advertised in course material. You should submit your work on time. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you may be required to provide supporting information before the assignment is due. Late assignments without a pre-approved extension may be penalised by loss of marks – check course information for details.

Course summary:

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