Course syllabus

Semester 2, 2016

A 15-point course primarily for students in the PGDipLT, MTESOL and MA in Applied Linguistics programmes

Course convenor:

Professor John Read                    Email:

Course aims and objectives

The aims of the course are to explore the role of vocabulary learning within a language teaching programme, to review research evidence on the nature of vocabulary and the processes involved in vocabulary learning, and to consider how to promote the acquisition of vocabulary by second language learners both inside and outside the classroom.

 By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate a good understanding of the nature of vocabulary
  2. analyse the vocabulary content of particular texts
  3. set appropriate vocabulary learning goals for their learners
  4. apply research findings to designing the vocabulary component of a language course
  5. discuss current issues in vocabulary learning and teaching.


Weekly topics

Week 1: The nature of vocabulary

Week 2: The components of vocabulary knowledge

Week 3: Teaching vocabulary in the classroom

Week 4: Vocabulary needs for reading and listening comprehension

Week 5: Incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading and listening

Week 6: Vocabulary use through speaking and writing

Week 7: Vocabulary learning strategies

Week 8: Memorising techniques in vocabulary learning

Week 9: Collocation and formulaic language

Week 10: Vocabulary for specific purposes

Week 11: Designing a vocabulary learning programme

Week 12: Vocabulary assessment

There will be a two-hour class each week, combining lecture input with a variety of discussion topics and practical activities.

In keeping with the Faculty workload guideline, students are expected to devote ten hours per week to study for this course.


Learning resources

There is no set textbook for this course. Students are expected to read the set articles and chapters specified for each topic.


The course grade will be based on two assignments


Course summary:

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