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HISTORY 705 A/B: Writing New Zealand

SEMESTER 1 & 2, 2018

30 points (A/B Combined)

Course Convenor: 

Felicity Barnes -

Course delivery format:

Two hour seminar

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 Summary of Course Description:              

Writing New Zealand explores the way historians have written about New Zealand – how they have written that history, and what methods, tools and sources they have used.

The substantial reading goals of the course provide students with an opportunity to increase the range and depth of their knowledge about New Zealand history. The self-directed approach to course work encourages critical evaluation of key New Zealand history texts, as well as the historiographical issues, themes, and trends they present. Through studying these texts and by engaging in discussion with lecturers and students, this course will also broadly address the importance, relevance and applicability of New Zealand history today.

Weekly class discussions will offer opportunities for students to demonstrate their facilitation and presentation skills while canvassing a range of topics, including sources, audiences, research methods, current affairs, the longevity of (some) historical ideas, and indigenous history.

You can find the full course guide under files.

To complete this course students must enrol in HISTORY 705 A and B, or HISTORY 705.

 Course outcomes:

At the end of this course... (maybe even sooner).. you will be able to 

    • Examine the extent to which the historiography of New Zealand reflects international trends, and the extent to which it is indigenous
    • assess the development of general history writing of New Zealand
    • Further develop skills in information literacy: that is, recognize when information is needed, be able to locate, evaluate and use that information effectively
    • Further develop capacity for critical, conceptual and reflective thinking
    • Critically evaluate of past and present historiographical issues in New Zealand history
    • Undertake primary research on some aspect of New Zealand history
    • Further develop skills in presentation and student-centred and directed learning

       Assessment Summary:

General history review essay                  2000 words   20%    Due Monday 14 May, 4pm

 Monograph Review essay                      2000 words   20%    Due two weeks after the relevant seminar

  Research essay                                      5000 words   50%    Due 5 October, 4pm

Seminar Participation                                                   10%

 Weekly Topics:

See modules for topics and readings

  Workload and deadlines for submission of coursework:           

The University of Auckland's expectation is that students spend 10 hours per week on a 15-point course, including time in class and personal study. Students should manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Deadlines for coursework are set by course convenors and will be advertised in course material. You should submit your work on time. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you may be required to provide supporting information before the assignment is due. Late assignments without a pre-approved extension may be penalised by loss of marks – check course information for details.

Course summary:

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