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CHINESE 709: Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 1

SEMESTER 1, 2018

15 points

Course Convener /Teacher:

Nora Yao - 

Phone: 09-9237532


Course delivery format:

2 hours of lectures per week


Summary of Course Description:              

Chinese 709

Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 1


This course provides the students with an overview of how to learn Chinese as a second language informed by updated Chinese as a second language acquisition theories. In this course, students will be informed of the fundamental concepts and the most updated research in the discipline. Focusing on learners, the course discusses issues related to relationship between the Chinese language and one’s first language ( in this course: English), learning motivation and strategies, using modern technology and multimedia resources in engaging learners, giving feedback and designing extracurricular activities, as well as methods in helping learners develop independent learning skills.

 Assessment: (100% Coursework)

 Classroom discussions X2: 40%: Due: 23 March 2018, 20%; 18th May 2018, 20%

 Presentation: 20% Due:  25th May 2018

 Research essay: 40% Due: 8th June 2018





1 (2nd March)

How languages are learnt: from a Chinese learner’s perspective

2 (9th March)

Basic concepts in second language acquisition (L1 and L2)

3 (16th March)

Understanding L2 learners (motivation, learning beliefs and styles)

4 ( 23rd March)

Teaching young Chinese language learners

5 ( 30th March)

 Good Friday

6 (20th April)

Multimodal learning: Using technology in Chinese classrooms

7 (27th April)

Giving feedback to Chinese language learners

8 (4th May)

Designing extracurricular activities to engage learners

9 (11th May)

Designing multimedia learning materials to engage learners

10 ( 18th May)

Learning autonomy: Successful Chinese language learners

11 ( 25th May)

Presentation and discussion

12 (1st June)

Conclusion: Developing learning autonomy





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