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LANGTCHG 746 : Materials Development and Evaluation

SEMESTER 2, 2018

15 points

Course Convenor: Associate Professor Tan Bee Tin


About this course

Materials play a vital role in language teaching. The course examines various key issues, concepts and principles that underlie language teaching materials, which not only have ‘a ubiquitous presence in the language classroom’ but also seem to have ‘a magical hold over teachers and students’ (Kumaravadivelu, 2008, p. 186).

The course is divided into three parts. In the first part, we examine some basic issues concerning the pros and cons of published materials and the criteria and principles for evaluating and selecting materials. The second part focuses on the criteria for adapting materials. The third part deals with the development of materials for teaching language systems and language skills and the role materials development play in professional development and reflective teaching. In this course we will work through the basic concepts and issues in a systematic way.

By the end of the semester, I hope that you will be more confident in your understanding of what materials development and evaluation is all about. You should also have gained the ability to evaluate the potential value of particular language learning materials, as well as having some of the skills you need to develop good language learning materials of your own.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the current issues and debates in materials development and evaluation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of some of the key literature in the field.
  • Evaluate existing materials evaluation frameworks and their suitability for particular educational contexts.
  • Design a unit of language learning materials for a particular language teaching context and evaluate it.


Course Readings

reading.pngKey readings and recommended readings

The key readings are those which you have to do as part of the activities for each unit. One of these readings for each week is usually taken from the course text:

*Tomlinson, B. (ed). 2013 (2nd edition). Developing materials for language teaching. London: Bloomsbury.

(ebook available, but some chapters are not available in the e-book. Students are required to get a hard copy of the book to have access to all chapters. The book is available from the University of Auckland Library. You should buy a copy of your own if you have no access to the library.).



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