Faculty of Arts Equity Information

Faculty of Arts Equity Information

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The links below direct you to some resources that will help support students and colleagues who belong to some of our equity groups; namely, LGBTI+ staff and students, staff and students from a refugee background, staff and students with mental health issues, and those with disabilities.

There are also links to information about helping students and colleagues deal with specific crises and challenges (including hardship, harassment, family violence, and gender-based/sexual harassment).

If you are worried about a student's or colleague's immediate safety:

  • Call the local mental health crisis service (0800 800 717) or go with them to the emergency department at your nearest hospital.
  • If they are an immediate physical danger to themselves or others, call 111.
  • For an urgent same-day appointment at the University's Student Counselling (8.30am-5.30pm), call 09 923 7681.
  • Remain with them and help them to stay safe until support arrives.
  • Try to stay calm and let them know you care. If you feel in any danger yourself, call 111.
  • Keep them talking: listen and ask questions without judging.

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If you have any queries about this page, or have resources you'd like added, please contact Caroline Blyth (Assistant Dean, Equity, c.blyth@auckland.ac.nz).



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