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ACADENG 100 Forms in Academic English      15 points        
Course Information SUMMER SEMESTER 2019

Course Coordinator 
Lizzy Roe -

Course delivery format
8 hours of class per week, 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
(Timetable and room details can be viewed on Student Services Online)

Summary of Course Description   
This course will help you to write sentences and paragraphs with clear meaning and accurate language. You develop editing skills so you can correct your writing to improve the quality of your work. We analyse the types of texts that university students are expected to read and write, and learn to use the style of language that is appropriate for the academic context. Building up word knowledge, especially vocabulary found most often in university texts, is an important part of the course. Overall, this course covers reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing that helps you to understand and produce written texts at university level.

ACADENG 100 is an approved course for students who have not met the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR). The course is available as an AELR course to students from all faculties except Business.

Course outcomes
 At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  1. identify, understand and use 'academic' vocabulary
  2. understand main ideas and supporting information in short academic texts
  3. understand text organisation and language of specific types of academic texts
  4. write using appropriate academic language and style
  5. write using accurate paragraph and sentence structures
  6. edit writing to minimise errors of coherence, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary

Weekly Topics
week 1: Grammar basics, academic Language
week 1: Paragraph and sentence structure 
week 2: Academic text analysis 1
week 2: Writing and coherence
week 3: Editing for meaning and accuracy 
week 3: Verbs in academic writing
week 4: Academic text analysis 2
week 4: Writing and sentence variety
week 5: Editing common academic errors
week 5: Grammar patterns of academic text
week 6: Academic text analysis 3
week 6: Reading, Writing, Editing

Prescribed Text:The required coursebook can be purchased from UBIQ (the university bookshop on campus in the Kate Edger Information Commons building). You will need to show your student ID card and be enrolled in the course.

The University of Auckland's expectation on 15-point courses in summer school is that students spend 20 hours per week on the course. Students manage their academic workload and other commitments accordingly. Students attend eight hours of class each week. This leaves 12 hours per week outside the classroom to prepare for classes, assignments and the exam.

Deadlines and submission of coursework:
Deadlines for coursework are non-negotiable - they are in the timetable on page 3 of the course outline which you can find on Canvas, under "Modules". Students should manage their academic workload and other commitments to ensure they meet the deadlines for coursework and assessments.You should submit your work on time. In extreme circumstances, such as illness, you may seek an extension but you will be required to provide a doctor's certificate before the assignment is due. All late assignments without a pre-approved extension will be penalised 5% per day late. For full details of the deadlines and penalties policy see the course outline.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Attendance is recorded.
Students must attend at least 70% of all classes - in summer school this means 16 out of 23 classes. Failure to meet this attendance requirement will result in a final grade of DNC (Did Not Complete).

Course summary:

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