Course syllabus

Introduction to functional programming for data integration, distributed services and browser based applications. Specifically, REST architectures, security, and performance. 



Important Dates


  • Week #3 Mon 10 am :  3%
  • Week #4 Mon 10 am :  1.5%
  • Week #5 Mon 10 am :  1.5%
  • Week #7 Mon 10 am :  4%


  • Week #8 Mon 10 am :  A#5: 1%, A#5B: +1% (optional bonus)
  • Week #9 Fri 10 am :  A#6: 1%, A#6B: +1% (optional bonus) - NEW DATE
  • Week #10 Fri 10 am :  1%  - NEW DATE
  • Week #11 Sat 6 pm :  7%


  • Test #1.1  Wed 28th Aug in-class  (Week #6) : 5%
  • Test #1.2  Mon 16th Sep in-class (Week #7)  : 5%
  • Test #2 Tue 1 Oct 6 pm (Week #9) : 10%



  • Eunsol Choi (echo288) — Class Representative
  • James Lilley (jlil161) — Class Representative
  • Zeyuan (James) Fang (zfan253) — Class Representative


  • Alec Henderson  (ahen386) — Marking coordinator — 303S.596
  • James Cooper (jcoo092) — Tutor for second half of course (Radu's part) — 303S.567
  • Mano Manoharan ( — Instructor — 303S.593
  • Radu Nicolescu ( — Course Coordinator & Instructor — 303S.587



Academic Integrity

Sharing assignment solutions and source code does not help learning. Consequently, our academic integrity policy does not permit sharing of solutions or source code leading to solutions. Violation of this will result in your assignment submission attracting no marks, and you may face disciplinary actions in addition. Therefore, please do not share assignments, assignment solutions and/or source code leading to assignment solutions. Do not publish or make available your assignments or solutions in any form online at anytime. Please come talk to us if you have any doubt over what is legit and what is not.

You can refer to online tutorials and resources. However, please learn from them and implement the solutions yourself based on what you learnt from those sources. Do not blindly copy from online sources. If there is a real need to copy some code snippet, please ensure (a) you understand what the code snippet does, and (b) cite the source in a comment directly above the snippet.

Don't leave your computers, devices, and belongings unattended — you must secure these at all times to prevent anyone having access to your assignments or solutions.

Please refer to for further details.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Our University IT platforms are subject to an acceptable use policy. The University makes it very clear to students and staff that harassment, bullying, and discrimination are completely unacceptable, and students who breach the policy will be penalised. Please be civil and polite to each other in your online interactions.

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