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ENGLISH 310 -- The Age of Shakespeare: Comedies and Tragicomedies

Course Information Semester 2, 2019


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Time: T & Th 9-10   

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Professor Tom Bishop                                                Dr Sophie Tomlinson 

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Course Content

This introduction to the golden age of English theatre involves detailed study of some exmaples of Shakespeare’s comedies and that his contemporaries. Lectures will address the origins, nature, and kinds of comic drama. You will be encouraged to think across texts as well as to engage in close analysis of individual plays, as both verbal works and scripts for performance.  Shakespeare’s early work is represented by The Comedy of Errors and his romantic comedies by Much Ado About Nothingand Twelfth Night. All’s Well That Ends Well represents one of his mid-career ‘problem’ plays, and his late ‘romance’ style by The Winter’s Taleand The Tempest.  Two other plays, yet to be selected, will provide comparisons with work by Shakespeare’s contemporaries in the comic mode.

A full and detailed syllabus will be available in 2019.


Aims and Outcomes

By the end of this course students should

  1. have an enhanced ability to read and understand early modern English verse and prose;
  2. be aware of traditions of stage performance in early modern England;
  3. be able to recognize and discuss some important features and changes in English society and culture across this period;
  4. have familiarity with typical features and structures of early modern comedies;
  5. have an improved ability to discuss and compare literature from this period using critical and scholarly resources.


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