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This course examines the role of music in the construction and reinforcement of identities.  It considers a range of socially constructed concepts including race, gender and ethnicity. Additionally the political, national, religious, colonial and diaspora contexts are also considered in music identity and expression. This course explores these cultural contexts in order to better understand music and identity, and the insights they provides to examine and reflect on global societies and cultures. Examples and case studies are drawn from music’s across the globe, including Europe, South Asia, Oceania, Africa, the American continents and Caribbean Sea.

ANTHRO 202 Course Outline SEM 1, 2019.pdf

Course Convenors/Lecturers:

Daniel Hernandez ; HSB 847, Office Hours Tuesday 1230-1330 pm.

Gregory Booth ; HSB 812 (923-8568; Ext 88568)


Class Lecture Hours: Mondays, 1500-1700

Meeting Location: 106-204 (Biology, 3A Symonds St, Room 204)

Tutorials:  As advised on SSO (*No Tutorials in WK 1 and 12)




Mid-Semester Essay (35%): 2000-word essay, due to be submitted electronically via Canvas on 13th April (Saturday before 1pm – Online submission)

Tutorial Worksheets (15%)

Course summary:

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