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SEMESTER 2, 2019
15 points

Course Convener: 

Margaret Lee - 

Other staff:  Winnie Wang 

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Summary of Course Description:  

This course builds on the knowledge that you have gained over the previous one and a half years of studying Chinese. It is designed to develop the communicative use of the language in the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, while expanding your grasp of grammar and vocabulary through exposure to various topics of interest in contemporary Chinese society. In addition to the weekly reading texts, you will also be trained in making oral presentations.

In CHINESE 201, you will be introduced to word processing on the computer. The reasons for doing this are:

  1. Empirical evidence has proven that using Chinese WP will substantially facilitate character recognition and word memorization;
  2. By the end of CHINESE 200 you would have already gained enough knowledge of basic character components (including the common radicals) and structure to be self-reliant when encountering new characters in the future. At this point, then, you are ready to look at writing in terms of expression of ideas and composition style rather than in terms of the number of strokes and stroke order. Since writing an essay in either one’s own native language or in a foreign language takes time and multiple drafts before getting it “right”, using a computer to do this in Chinese is much faster and much more efficient than writing out each draft by hand;
  3. For those of you planning on working in China in the future, your work-related Chinese writing will almost certainly be typed, not hand-written.

Having said that, we are aware that some of you prefer to learn character-writing by hand.  Some students may feel that handwriting helps them to remember the characters. Besides, the majority of programmes for learning Chinese as a foreign language in China do not use word processors.  Thus, the Quizzes and some classroom exercises will still be in hand-writing.  However, both the Mid-semester Test and Exam are computer based, and students will have to take their test and exam using word processing on the computer.  In order to be familiar with the system, students will need to submit their work as Word documents.

Course outcomes:

If you meet all the requirements set in this course, at the end of this course you will:

  • have gained a wider, more sophisticated vocabulary as used in modern China;
  • be able to read more advanced texts on general topics about life in modern China;
  • have improved your ability to write in accurate Chinese on various topics on modern China;
  • have improved your ability to talk to others about life in general and in modern China;
  • have developed a deeper knowledge about the Chinese language and China in general.


Assessment Summary:

Coursework - comprising:



Course participation*



Aural and Oral Test



Oral presentations



Quizzes x 5



Computer based Mid-semester test*1




Computer Based Final Exam (2 hours) *1





*You must attend at least 50% of the lectures and tutorials to receive any points in this category

*1 Computer Based Mid-semester test and Final Examination
The Mid-semester test and Final examination of CHINESE 201 will be a computer based, not paper based. Information will be provided during the course on the computer based test and exam including a demo test. Each student is responsible for accessing the information and ensuring that they are fully prepared for the computer based test and exam.

Weekly Topics:
Note: This schedule is subject to minor changes.

Week 1上网

Monday (July 22):                           Grammar & vocabulary lecture             
Tuesday (July 23):                           Main text       
Wednesday (July 24):                   Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (July 25):                         Exercises
Friday (July 26):                               Oral Practice

Week 2: 回家过年
Monday (July 29):                           Grammar & vocabulary lecture  (Homework HW 1)      
Tuesday (July 30):                           Main text
Wednesday (July 31):                   Translation exercises (Computer lab)          
Thursday (August 1):                    Exercises           
Friday (August 2):                           Oral Practice

Week 3: 手机卡
Monday (August 5):                        Grammar & vocabulary lecture  (HW 2) 
Tuesday (August 6):                        Main text ; Quiz (1)     
Wednesday (August 7):                Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (August 8):                       Exercises
Friday (August 9):                             Oral Practice

Week 4: 天坛公园
Monday (August 12):                      Grammar & vocabulary lecture (HW 3)
Tuesday (August 13):                      Main text
Wednesday (August 14):              Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (August 15):                    Exercises  
Friday (August 16):                           Oral Practice                                                         

Week 5: 经商
Monday (August 19):                      Grammar & vocabulary lecture (HW 4)
Tuesday (August 20):                      Main text; Quiz (2)
Wednesday (August 21):              Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (August 22):                   Exercises
Friday (August 23):                          Oral Practice

 Week 6: 沟通问题
Monday (August 26):                      Grammar & vocabulary lecture  (HW 5)
Tuesday (August 27):                      Main text
Wednesday (August 28):              Computer based Practice Test  (201E-151)
Thursday (August 29):                    Exercises
Friday (August 30):                          Aural and Oral Test  

MID SEMESTER BREAK:          Monday 2 September – Saturday 14 September

Week 7: 沟通问题
Monday (September 16):                 Mid-Semester Test 6:00-7:00, TBA
Tuesday (September 17):                  Supplementary reading                 
Wednesday (September 18):         Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (September 19):               Exercises           
Friday (September 20):                     Oral Practice
                                                                         and oral presentation discussion

Week 8: 中国的房价
Monday (September 23):                 Grammar & vocabulary lecture  (HW 6)
Tuesday (September 24):                  main text Quiz (3)                
Wednesday (September 25):          Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (September 26):               Exercises
Friday (September 27):                      Oral Practice
                                                                          and oral presentation discussion

Week 9: 中国的房价
Monday (September 30):                 Grammar & vocabulary lecture (HW 7)
Tuesday (October 1):                        Supplementary reading                   
Wednesday (October 2):                Translation exercises (Computer lab
Thursday (October 3):                     Exercises
Friday (October 4):                           Oral Practice
                                                                      and oral presentation discussion

Week 10: 中国人口政策
Monday (October 7):                       Grammar & vocabulary lecture  (HW8)
Tuesday (October 8):                       Main text;  Quiz (4)
Wednesday (October 9):               Translation exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (October 10):                  Exercises           
Friday (October 11):                         Oral Practice
                                                                      and oral presentation discussion           

Week 11: 中国人口政策
Monday (October 14):                     Grammar & vocabulary lecture (HW9)
Tuesday (October 15):                     Main text       
Wednesday (October 16):             Translation exercises (Computer lab)    
Thursday (October 17):                   Exercises
Friday (October 18):                          Oral Practice
                                                                       and oral presentation discussion                                                      

Week 12:  Revision
Monday (October 21):                     Lecture Semester Review: Questions & Answers (HW10)
Tuesday (October 22):                     Revision Exercises; Quiz (5)
Wednesday (October 23):             Revision Exercises (Computer lab)
Thursday (October 24)                    Oral Presentation (Group 1)
Friday (October 25):                          Oral Presentation (Group 2)

Well-being always comes first

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