Course syllabus



Course name: Introductory French Language 1.

Course code: FRENCH 101, FRENCH 101G (G for General Education course code).

Points value: 15 points.

Restrictions: May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed.

Course Director & Coordinator: Dr Philippe VALAX.

Course aims & objectives: Features of the French language will be presented, in French, and practised in the four skills areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing; by the end of the course, in order to obtain a pass grade, students must demonstrate an overall command of both oral and written French equivalent to DELF A1 language competency on topics covered in class.

Course Description: see Course Outline, Policies and schedule in Modules

FRENCH 101 introduces you to spoken and written French, and does not count towards a major in French.

This course is designed for beginners or near beginners and may not be taken if you have previously passed a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject. If you have achieved the following, you should enrol in FRENCH 102:

  • 24 recent credits in Level 1 NCEA French, or
  • 12-16 recent credits in Level 2 NCEA French (or equivalent previous study)

Teaching format: two weekly 90-minute class sessions (on campus) focusing on oral and written production, blended with online multimedia learning to introduce and practise language structures and vocabulary.

Weekly topics: Units 1e & 2e (Étapes) followed by chapters 1-4 inclusive of Deux Mondes, A Communicative Approach (textbook details below).

Workload: Students are expected to spend around 10 hours a week over 15 weeks (i.e. 12 weeks teaching + study break and examination weeks). For an average student, the overall course workload breakdown could be as follows: 33 hours on-campus taught classes and 10-12 hours revisions; 44-46 hours online multimedia learning; 25-30 hours assignment work; 10-12 hours test revisions; 20-24 hours final exam preparation.

Learning resources: Connect Plus registration code for Deux Mondes: A Communicative Approach (7th ed.), McGraw-Hill, 2013; the registration code, which must be purchased new, grants access to both an e-book copy of the above prescribed text and to online multimedia coursework assignments. Free access to online coursebuilder course Cliquez-ici ! created by University of Auckland with daily lesson plans.

Assessment weightings: 60% coursework, 40% final exam (2 hours, closed book).

Assessment breakdown: Coursework includes online multimedia assignments (weighted 10%), oral performance (weighted 20%), in-class tests (weighted 30%), and final exam (weighted 40%).


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