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KOREAN 300: Advanced Korean 1 (15 points)

SEMESTER 1, 2019

Course Convenor: Dr Mi Yung Park


Welcome to KOREAN 300!  

This course is a continuation of KOREAN 201. The aim of this course is to equip you with proficiency in all four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - at an advanced-intermediate level.

Each lesson focuses on using new words and expressions introduced in the textbook in meaningful, communicative contexts. There will be pre-reading discussions, followed by interactive speaking and listening activities, in addition to creative writing and reading exercises. Students who successfully complete the course should be able to communicate in Korean on various sociocultural topics, to comprehend short authentic texts (e.g., essays), and to write on a range of topics from cultural differences to interpersonal relationships.

Important information

This course is for students who have passed KOREAN 201, or whose Language Ability Declaration confirms adequate preparation if this is the first time enrolling in a Korean language course.

Course outcomes:

A student who successfully completes this course will have the opportunity to:

  • orally communicate in Korean on limited topics using the language appropriate to the situation,
  • carry out different kinds of language functions, such as describing, stating opinions, and narrating a series of events, while using proper communicative strategies,
  • understand the gist of dialogues and monologues spoken by native Korean speakers in various situations,
  • read Korean texts on limited topics with dictionary assistance, and
  • learn useful facts about Korean culture and daily life

Assessment Summary:

ASSESMENT: Coursework (100%)

Participation                5%

WB Homework            4% 

Vocab Quizzes            5% (=4x1.25%)

Written Assignments   12% (=2x6%)

Aural Test                    12%

Mid-semester Test       20%

Conversation Test        10% 

Presentation                 12%

End-of-semester Test   20%


Prescribed Texts:

Young-Mee Cho et al. 2013. Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2 (2nd edition). University of Hawaii Press.

Mee-Jeong Park et al. 2012. Integrated Korean Workbook, Intermediate 2 (2nd Edition). University of Hawai’i Press.


Course summary:

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