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Kia Ora! Welcome to SOCSCIPH 300


Semester TWO, 2020


Course description 

This course provides an information base on health and health policy debates in New Zealand, set in a context of international health policy and considerations of:

    • broader social factors that influence health and health policy;
    • the urban environment and its influence upon health-related outcomes and experiences, and the implications for policy;
    • detailed discussion of related case studies of health, and health services, and selected policies;
    • and examination of relationships between research, policy and health.

The course includes weekly lectures and a timetable of seven tutorials.  

  • Lecture times: Wednesdays 1-3pm, Room 201, Humanities Building
  • Tutorial times: Thursdays 2-3pm, Room 326, 1-11 Short Street

Please note that we will not always use the full two hours to complete each lecture. At times lectures will include class discussion.


socsciph300 lecture schedule.jpg

Inclusive learning

Please feel welcome to privately report to Tara any impairment-related requirements face-to-face and/or in written form and she will assist you appropriately. Please also communicate with Tara if you are experiencing any issue that hinders your ability to participate in the course and complete coursework. Please see further course information on inclusive learning here. 

Course coordinator

Dr Tara Coleman,

    • Office Hours: by appointment 

Assessment Summary

Five online tutorial discussion tasks (worth 2% each): 10% of total coursework

Essay one (1500 words): 20% of total coursework

Essay two (2500 words): 30% of total coursework

Exam: 40 % of total coursework


IMPORTANT: In this course you may be asked to submit your coursework assessments digitally. The University reserves the right to conduct scheduled tests and examinations for this course online or through the use of computers or other electronic devices. Where tests or examinations are conducted online remote invigilation arrangements may be used. The final decision on the completion mode for a test or examination, and remote invigilation arrangements where applicable, will be advised to students at least 21 days prior to the scheduled date of the assessment, or in the case of an examination when the examination timetable is published.

Exam requirements;

  • Campus: City
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Book indication: Closed book
  • Stationery requirements: 20 page script book
  • Book details and special requirements: None
  • Exam timetable requirements: None









Course summary:

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